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At Advance Battery Co. we pride ourselves in first-class service that is second to none. We will provide you world class batteries at competitive prices no matter how large or small your company. We will provide you with all types of batteries, from standard automotive, golf carts, floor scrubbers & industrial equipment, and a complete European line. WE ARE YOUR COMPLETE BATTERY LINE!

Services Overview

We pride ourselves in our work and ensure that each and every customer receives a professional installation and a superior product. In addition to our in-house services we can provide complete route & delivery service to your business, customized to your needs. Our experience and flexibility will allow you to focus on your core business’s operation. Let us go to work for you!

Products Overview

Our DEKA and Power Source batteries are manufactured using the highest quality workmanship and materials. All of our batteries provide long life, high performance, and above all reliability to keep you moving. Not sure what type of battery you need? Call us today and we can assist you in choosing the right battery to meet your needs and budget.

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